Lounge + Nursing Bra - Wanderlust

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Crunchy Love Co. created a bra so comfortable that you wont be anxiously awaiting to rip it off by the day's end.

The simple, understated elegance of the Crossover Nursing Bra makes it suitable for every woman.

It provides comfort and support for your journey through pregnancy, labor, delivery, and beyond! The crossover design offers quick and easy access for little nurslings, and its design and versatility does not end there.

Custom made for your unique body type and fine-tuned to your specific measurements, this unique bra is perfect for everyday wear - breastfeeding or not.

Made of a stretchy knit cotton, the Crossover Nursing Bra is incredibly soft and surprisingly strong. With no underwire or irritating tags, the hidden elastic and tag-less features provide maximum support and comfort all day long.

When we say custom fit, we really mean it. We take your actual measurements - not just an arbitrary bra size - and we create the perfect fit for you! We are able to go all the way up to 53” bust.

Wanderlust possesses a clean and fresh energy. As turquoise and coral combine in an adventurous print, it creates a fun and uplifting vibe.

Whether you are lounging around the house, breastfeeding your little, getting your beauty rest, or just simply living life, this bra is the long-awaited answer to comfort, fit, and flexibility.

Please measure yourself with a bra on

Sizing in inches:

Bust : S (32.5-35.5") , M (36-39") , L (39.5-42.5") , XL (43-46") , XXL (46.5-49.5") , XXXL (50 - 53")

Under Bust: S (29-31") , M (32-34") , L (35-37") , XL (38-40") , XXL (41-43") , XXXL (44-47")

Bra material 95% Cotton 5% Spandex, Pre-Shrunk.

Bras are made to order in the U.S., please allow 1-2 weeks for production.