The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift for Natural Mamas

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Give that new mama everything she needs to lead into her healthy, holistic, natural mama journey!

Bundle them together and save $13!

: Nourishing Pregnancy Support Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea for Colic, Teething, and a Peaceful Family

Promote Milk Flow, Nourish Mama & Baby, and Calm Tired Stressed Nerves

Non-Toxic Moisturizing Organic Alow Very Based Hand Sanitizer

Seriously Essential For all The Things, Cuts, Scrapes, Rashes, Bug BItes, Bruising, Bee Stings, and All The Itchy Skin Things!

All Organic Moisturizing Skin Replenishing Lip Balm in Chocolate Mint, Orange Cream, Coconut Lime, or Plain Ol' Lip Lovin'