United Colors: A Children's Story About Diversity, Anti racism and educating kids about Differences. (Smogs)

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Author: Good, Phelan

Brand: Independently Published

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 42

Release Date: 19-08-2020

Details: What if there was a way you could educate your child about a hard topic like racism but in a fun and engaging story?  We all know that Racial Diversity is a hard topic to talk about and the effect it can have on people's lives, But the only way to truly overcome the divide we have in our society today is by educating our future generation, Our Children, about the effects that racism can have on other people, but how do you do it? Now there are many books out there that try to put across the message, but we believe that the only true way to do it is through fun and engagement and above all lots of giggles and smiles. And at the same time not cross that ever so fine line of being too much for your young child. In this Playful children's storybook we will enter the world of our colourful Smogs where their world is divided and the only way to reunite all the colors depends on our baby purple smog. So he sets off on his journey to learn the skills of every color so that he can win the king's cup and grant a wish of his choosing. But he comes across problems along his journey and there is a fun and exciting twist at the end that will be sure to make your child giggle with laughter. Given what is happening in the world at the moment there has never been a more important time to gift your child the understanding that even though people may look different and some people may be better than others at certain things or have different skill sets our true power comes when we are united together as one. Order now and help change the ways of our past by educating our future..

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Languages: english